So today as I was eating lunch my contact from my left eye decided to play hide and seek. I rubbed my eye and the contact popped out. I am sure it was proud of itself for its superb hiding skills, but I was unable to find it. It is now dry, shriveled up, alone, and cold in the restaurant, confused as to why I didn’t try a little harder or call out for it to come out when it was time to go home.

I had to continue the day with only one contact and a growing headache. I walked, took notes, drove and put people’s lives in danger with one hand covering my left eye or just having it closed. Having only one functioning eye ruined my depth perception, and that was an adventure ll on its own.

I did not realize how much I needed that contact, until the headache that formed due to my lack of vision in one eye was overwhelming. But by that time I was already home and able to remedy the situation with Motrin and a new set of contacts.

I do not recommend spending a day like this. But if you do, be sure to be chauffeured. (No, I did not get into a car accident. No, I did not damage the car or put anyone in the hospital. No, my brother is not hurt or dead.)

Should’ve worn an eye patch…